Connect -Connecting Corporates for CSR Summit                 Organized By : Rotary Club of Dhaka Pacific                   07 July 2023, BICC Agargaon, Dhaka

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Rtn Md. Ashrafuzzaman Nannu

District Governor 2023-24

Chair, 'Connect'

Rtn CP M Ferdous Rahman, phf, md

District Secretary 2023-24

FAQ For Rotarians

A. What does a Rotary Club do to induct a Corporate Member?

    A Rotary Club must include the Clause of Corporate Membership in its Club By Laws where every detail (Number of members from each Corporate, Annual Subscription, Voting Right etc.) will be mentioned as per your Club convenient.

B. Can we induct any type of Corporate as our Corporate Member?

    Yes, you can induct any Corporate but the Corporate with an esteemed reputation which activities are align with Rotary Values will be preferred. Any Multinational, Local Esteemed Company, Government Agencies/Bodies, Non Profit Organizations etc. or any other organizations go with the Spirit of Rotary.

C. Why Corporate will be interested to be involved with Rotary?

    Social Marketing helps to add value to Corporate Brands. Corporates may utilize the Rotary Network country-wide for project implement which is very low. Financial transparency rating of Rotary is very high. Bridging Rotary Areas of Focus & CSR will be a synergy for Corporates as well as Rotary.

D. Do we need some especial activities for Corporate Member??

    All Club members are equal but we should be more focus to retain Corporate Members through presenting our activities in a dynamic way so that Corporates will be encouraged to invite other Corporates to be Member of Rotary.

E. Should Club need to conduct workshop or special session on ‘Sustainability of Corporate Membership’ internally?

    We highly encourage this sort of activities of every club who is interested to adopt Corporate Membership so that every member should be aware about this issue.

F. Can a Group of Companies involve with many Rotary Clubs?

    One Corporate can be involved with One Rotary Club as Corporate Member but Corporate may work together with many Rotary Clubs for implementing a signature service project.

G. Is Fund Collection only the Motto for Corporate Membership?

    Absolutely not. We encourage Corporates to engage in Rotary for Branding Rotary and update them about Rotary Activities and its effectiveness..